Egg Trays

An anti-breakage, hygienic and reliable packaging and transportation method.

There are models in different sizes and types.

Egg Tray Types

Covered Egg Trays

Product descriptionPackagingNumber of pits
15,5 LBS100 Piece30 Piece
17 – 20 LBS100 Piece30 Piece

Standard Egg Trays

Product DescriptionPackagingNumber of Pit
15,5 LBS70 Piece30 Piece
17 LBS70 Piece30 Piece
20 LBS (Dar)70 Piece30 Piece
20 LBS (Geniş)70 Piece30 Piece
25 LBS70 Piece20 Piece

Egg Pack

Product DescriptionPackagingPit Number
10200 Piece10 Piece
15200 Piece15 Piece
6×2200 Piece12 Piece